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Your social media is like a party that's happening 24/7. Imagine if you were catering that party and wanted to really wow all the people. That's exactly what social media for restaurants is like.


We cover all your bases from head to toe in order to ensure that you're getting maximum exposure. We grow your social media followers and engage with your audience so you don't have to worry about it. Watch those followers grow and see your sales sky rocket because you became dominant on social media. 

Increase Your Social Presence

Social media profiles for restaurants are an absolute must to increase customers and interest in your business. Think about how many people are staring at their phones during dinner, they're all on social media.


We teach hack that attention and get people to pay attention to your profile using our tactics deployed by true social media wizards. Stop leaving profit on the table and let us handle all your social needs.

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What clients say

The One Extra crew gave me a detailed consultation on how to improve my Diners marketing campaign. Without giving away the details let's just say it worked better than I expected and I wish I started sooner!

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    John Reilly

    Diner Owner

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